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The World's Toughest Row

World toughest row - route across the Atlantic

The race

The World's Toughest Row is undisputedly the most challenging rowing race in the world. Every December people from all over the world gather to compete with mother nature and row 4,800 kilometers across the Atlantic from San Sebastián - La Gomera (Spain) to Nelson Dockyard - Antigua (Caribbean). Apart from navigation and communication technology, no motorized or wind-generated propulsions are allowed. The participants rely solely on their muscle strength. During the crossing, the crews struggle with a constant lack of sleep, salt sores and all the physical extremes, among other things. Faced with the vasteness of the ocean, the rowers take on the task to get themselves and the boat safely to the other site.

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20 to 40 teams

stand at the startline every December and take on the challenge of crossing the Atlantic.Team sizes vary from solo rowers to crews up to five members. 

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8.5 km deep

is the deepest point that we will pass. We will have to regularly dive under the boat to clean the hull and to carry out check-ups. 

1,5 million rowing strokes

are needed to cover the distance of around 2.800 nm. An extreme strain on people and material.

2 hour shifts

will determine our  everyday routine:
2 hours rowing - 2 hours for everything else (sleep, food, hygiene, navigation etc.).

6 meter high waves

are not unsusual on the Atlantic. Other days, the water may be extremely calm. We have to prepare for any weather condition.

The Offshoare rowing boat

With a length of approximately 9m, our floating home for the race will be equipped with three rowing positions, one bow and one stern cabin. On this tiny vessel, we will have to carry all our food and equipment with us as well as live on it for the time of the crossing. It is our dining area, bedroom and social space, all at the same time.

Visibility of women in sport

To date, only 82 women have successfully crossed this part of the Atlantic rowing in an all-female team. Those make an incredibly few 10% of all participants. There have also only been 28 mixed teams since the race began in 1997. One more reason for us to increase the visibility of women. 

Official teaser of the World's Toughest Row

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